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Öncelikle yapılan hizmetin çok güzel oldğunu söyleyebilirim. Kullanışı çok basit olması nedeniyle anlık siteyi güncelleyebiliyorsunuz. 4 aydır herhangi bir sıkıntı yaşamadık. Kullanmak isteyen arkadaşlar düşünmeden alabilirler.
Öğretmen / Hasan Basri Demirbağ Ç.P.L.

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Weekdays : 08:00 - 19:00
Weekend : 09:00 - 18:00
Yalova : +90 226 461 3800 (pbx)
Kocaeli : +90 262 452 2222

Maintance Agreement

Several computers , notebooks , plotter, server , scanner, and printer devices such as barcode unit for companies that have occurred in this device malfunctions and loss of work of staff , as well as the repair is extra financial burden .

In your workplace all computers serviced regularly audited by , trojans and viruses updates performed , the backup system and data protection   makes your device as a temporary replacement replacement device.Remotely to support system users with in-house software- topic problems in a much shorter period of time are solved .

Property offered for " Annual Maintenance Agreement" within minutes away on the internet desktop support, a 2 -hour onsite emergency service 24/7 online service , defective equipment for consignment , IT and technology consulting as superior service can take advantage of .

Office and this issue we suggest features for business users , the problem is quite important in terms of timely intervention can be .
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Inventory Tracking
Yalova Bilişim Web Design
Engaged in product sales, technical services and the services they provide that the website may choose to integrate with is our solution for those who want
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