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Data Storage

Kocaeli critical applications and important to you as IT data safe and sustainable for performance data storage and backup software and hardware solutions we offer .

Information in Kocaeli server is allocated to you will make to secure cloud space with backups , the backup job will not need to invest manpower and equipment .

Found in storage technologies experienced staff in various projects leveraging our experience from the application you will receive the highest level of efficiency as well as periodic backup or storage reports to date information about the performance of the application will also have .

Our products consist of entirely corporate data storage technology , in itself a redundant structure. Through this service we provide speed according to your needs , based on your performance expectations can store data in a structured layer . Data storage services we provide as follows in the different layers are presented to our customers' needs .

Available data storage structures, spread over a large number of Disk RAID-1 ( Mirror) , RAID - 5, RAID -6 and Hot- Spare -security , high -capacity cache , is designed to be shared . All customer servers spread across several physical disk , cache -to-use structure that takes advantage of fast data storage .

Disk access statistics on the system by examining the structure and performance criteria Lin dynamic , data is managed using storage management software .
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Public institutions and organizations our web package developed specifically for schools, municipalities and government departments can use all
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