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Fair Play Turkey

Through the book , which is regulated by our campaign so far collected about 30,000 books and these books at the school library was established with three different . Books Göksun Gunay campaign personally manages the National Olympic Committee of Turkey in 2005 by love, friendship , brotherhood and understanding which has been awarded the Fair Play Behavior .

As a result of our campaign , Turkey in 2005 by the National Olympic Committee awarded the Fair Play Conduct the pride we want to share with all helpful .

15 The origin of the use of Fair Play dates back to centuries . Sportsmanship in competitions outside of the knights for their conduct " Foul Play " is the term used . Fair Play is the exact opposite . 16 century, the famous author of Fair Play in the Works of William Shakespare has used the term .

Fair Play in Sport 18 languages century in England entered the game used to mean good , there has been an international statement . 20 Towards the end of the century a Fair Place for organizations using social education has emerged as a slogan .
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