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Web Design

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Why should you join :
Web Design Training will be created under the design by using only software . Closely examining the concept of web design , the logical coupling will be included and why - with interest the results permanent training will be provided. Advantage in a competitive environment is the first requirement to make a difference . Web design for the design to make a difference you need to make an informed way .

Web Design and Modeling Training participants to join the website there is no need to be familiar with . Necessary infrastructure, expert examples of narratives will gain both theoretical and practical .


- The basic rules for Web Design
- Embassy of the program and the use of Dreameweav
- HTML Structure
- Introduction to ASP
- Create a table , text, and adding modules ,
- Create file with CSS style
- Create an Access database and records
- Plesk and Cpanel use
- Domain , hosting, DNS operations and not for publication website
- Use of Google Analytics
- Use of Google Map
- Seo studies
- Google Adwords Tips
- Blogger, Wordpress and Joomla installation
- HTTP and FTP web protocols
- RSS feed

Save 70% at the end of training provided all participants will receive certificates of participation in education
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Engaged in product sales, technical services and the services they provide that the website may choose to integrate with is our solution for those who want
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